How to Ease Anxiety When Visiting the Dentist

dental anxiety

The team here at Dr. Vlahos has been serving dedicated St. Catherine’s family dental services for over 20 years. Across this time, we have come across various patients, from young children to elderly patients. We also understand that some patients experience feelings of anxiety when it comes to visiting us. We have put together this blog post to offer tips and tricks on easing anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. 

Plan Ahead

If you or a member of your family are anxious to go to their dentist appointment, we recommend planning in advance. This can look like intentionally scheduling your appointment on a day where you will not be rushed. Giving you or your family member more time will help them not feel more flustered than that already may be.

Feel Okay With Sharing Your Concerns

Our dentist office sees hundreds of patients per week, and handfuls of them fall into the anxious patient category. By mentioning your concerns upon booking or initial arrival, our staff can make specific changes to your experience to ensure a greater sense of calmness. We urge all our patients to feel comfortable being transparent with our team so we can do our job in fostering a stress-free dentist visit for you. 

Ask the Doctor to Unpack the Process Beforehand 

Our dentists are highly experienced and dedicated professionals who will always take sufficient time to answer patient questions and concerns. With our patients who experience anxiety, we typically make the intent to spend extra time explaining the procedure process and answer any questions. This ensures the patient trusts our expertise and has all their questions answered. 

Make Regular Appointments

Another tip we offer our patients is to consider making regular appointments on a consistent seasonal basis. Pushing back your appointments may feel good at the time, but having to sit through an extra-long appointment because of prolonged appointments will be way worse. Our team can execute regular dental services quickly and safely. Still, if a patient has not visited us for 6+ months, even the most experienced dentists and assistants will have to take more time than usual. 

dental anxiety

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