5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Smile this Summer

Healthy smile

The weather in St. Catherines and surrounding regions is finally on par with spring and summer standards, and the team here at Dr. Vlahos Dentistry is so excited to enjoy the warm weather and longer days. As we add more activities and commitments to our schedule, we can sometimes get off track with sustaining our dental routine. We have put together a blog with recommendations and tips on maintaining a beautiful, bright and healthy smile this summer. 

Be Mindful of the Sweets and Summer Treats

The extra events and gatherings we plan for the summer are great for making memories and sharing great food with friends and family. However, it is valuable to be mindful of the extra sugary foods we are likely to indulge in! The excess sugars in desserts and treats can easily adhere to our teeth and diminish existing enamel. So be sure to carry extra water with you, stay away from excessive sugar and brush and floss after these tasty meals and treats! 

Stay On Top of Scheduling Appointments

Summer weeks and weekends fill up fast. So before you’re too busy getting to the day-to-day sports games, outdoor gatherings and extra commitments — take some time to book your cleanings and back-to-school checkups. You and your family will thank you when the end of August rolls around!

Nothing Wrong with a Mouthguard 

Summer sports clubs are an excellent investment for your kids and self, it helps you spend more time in the sunshine and stay active. Our expert, St. Catherine’s dental team, always recommends investing in mouthguards to protect your teeth from sports accidents and harm. 

Keep Up the Routine 

Longer days can sometimes cause us to sway from our regular dental routine, whether brushing a certain amount of times a day or going to our regular cleanings. Keeping the same routine may be difficult, but it is invaluable to maintaining the condition of your healthy smile. Set reminders on your phone or book cleanings in advance to make things easier. 

Healthy smile

Whitening is an Investment 

A bright, white smile never goes unnoticed. If you like keeping your pearly whites at a certain level of white, booking whitening appointments is necessary. Call our office or your dentist to book a whitening appointment so everyone you see in the smile can admire your bright, healthy smile! 


We are so excited that Summer 2021 is here and we hope this breakdown of easy tips will help you keep your smile gleaming all summer long. Dr. Vlahos is proud to be one of the top family dentists in St. Catherines and is here to safely serve you and your family for all your dental needs. Contact our team today at (phone number) to book an appointment or have any questions answered.