Things Every Parent Should Know About Baby Teeth

baby teeth

Welcoming a new bundle of joy to the world can be such an exciting time. The team at Dr. Vlahos, your dedicated St. Catharines family dentist, is always thrilled to meet new baby clients and young families. We are proud to have many clients, from newborns to elderly folks, in our dentist chairs. We have put together this blog post to help educate new parents on what to expect from their newborns’ smiles. 

They Grow Fast

Did you know that you can expect baby teeth to begin emerging as early as 5-6 months old? Having a fussy baby due to the discomfort of these new baby teeth is a well-known occurrence for new parents. These baby teeth continue to emerge until age 2 to 3, and this is when you can expect all 20 to be visible and fully grown into their smiles. 

You Need to Keep Them Clean

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your baby’s new smile to grow into is very important. You will not need to brush or undergo any aggressive cleaning, but using a warm cloth to keep that area of their mouth clean will go a long way in ensuring no bacteria infections arise. Once your child becomes a toddler and young child, you can begin teaching them how to brush. 

Baby Bottle Decay 

Unfortunately, decay can occur if baby teeth are not adequately taken care of. This most commonly happens when young babies fall asleep with bottles in their mouths containing more sugar-based drinks. So, for parents to avoid baby bottle decay, we recommend removing your child’s bottle when they are not actively going to eat. Also, we urge parents to look into your formula’s ingredients — excessive sugar in these daily bottles can have a significant impact on your child’s long-term oral health! 

baby teeth

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Our dental professionals want young parents to understand the importance of investing in their child’s oral health for long-term healthy, beautiful smiles. By committing to an oral hygiene routine from the beginning, being educated, and knowing what to expect as your baby grows, will all contribute to your child having a healthy smile. Our St. Catharines family dentist office is located in central St. Catharines and is always accepting new young and old patients; give us a call today.