2021 New Year Resolutions to Optimize Your Families Dental Health

St. Catherines Family Dentistry

Dr. Vlahos is a long-standing family dentistry practice based in St. Catharines, Ontario. Over the years, we have worked with countless families in helping them establish healthy smiles and routines. Our team believes any time is a great time to refresh your dental health routine, but why not do it going into the new year? Read this article to get some easy and impactful tips on how to optimize your family’s dental health in 2022. 


Floss at Night 

Habits are everything, from our diet to our daily exercise and so on! Flossing at night may seem daunting to parents with young children or those who work long hours, but we promise that implementing this small extra activity into your time-time routine will do wonders for your long-term oral health. If flossing isn’t your thing, then our dental hygienists can help you find an excellent Waterpik to exchange for traditional flossing! 


Brush at Least Twice a Day

Brushing your teeth morning and night is a basic but essential habit to keeping your gums healthy and smiling brightly throughout the seasons. A two-minute brushing session, which can be timed through popular electric toothbrushes (the brush will automatically shut off after two minutes), is vital for before-bed hygiene. After a day of eating various foods or even a late-night snack, brushing away that residue from your smile is key to sustaining oral health! 


Invest in New Teeth Products 

If you and your family have the means, investing in new teeth cleaning products can be a great incentive to re-ignite the drive for establishing and maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine. Selecting specific colours, brands, or tooth products can be a fun and refreshing way to enter the new year. 


Drink More Water

Sipping more water throughout the day is impressively beneficial for your oral and overall health. By putting down the sugary options and exchanging for more water in the mornings and evenings, you can expect to adopt a healthier smile! 


Consider Eating More Fruit and Raw Veggies 

By choosing to snack on raw fruits and seasonal veggies versus sugar snacks, you choose better oral hygiene. Snacks like apples and carrots are better for cleaning your smile and result in less plaque than highly processed foods like pastries and candy. Adopting a new year’s resolution to eat more veggies and fruits can only do good for you and your family! 


Call Dr. Vahos for your St. Catherines Dental Needs

Are you ready to commit to elevating your and your family’s dental health this upcoming year? Implementing these basic practices into your days will dramatically change the outcome of your dental health. From saving money on cleanings and extra appointments to having a more confident smile, invest in yourself this year and optimize your family’s dental health! Call our St. Catherines dentist for all your dental services in 2022.