How to Ease Anxiety When Visiting the Dentist

dental anxiety

The team here at Dr. Vlahos has been serving dedicated St. Catherine’s family dental services for over 20 years. Across this time, we have come across various patients, from young children to elderly patients. We also understand that some patients experience feelings of anxiety when it comes to visiting us. We have put together this […]

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Eating After a Root Canal

root canal

  After undergoing a root canal, you may have a few concerns about diet and routine changes for a few days while the tooth heals. Although, modern-day procedures are fairly comfortable, and recovery is pretty quick; few precautions are necessary but there are some things you should note. You should pay attention to your eating […]

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Is a dental implant better than getting a root canal?

Often this question is asked by a patient who is struggling to make a significant investment in their natural tooth that is significantly compromised.  The answer depends on many factors.  As a dentist in the Niagara and St. Catharines area, I try to help my patients in making the best decision for themselves.  I can […]

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