Why do my teeth feel so rough?

eroded teeth

Ideally, your teeth should feel smooth even when you run your tongue over them, especially after brushing. However, this is not always the case as there are many instances where people experience an odd texture on their teeth which they’ve never experienced before. If the surface of your teeth feels rough, it’s always best to contact a dentist, like Dr. Vlahos, to examine your dental conditions and provide you with healthy and safe next steps. In today’s blog, we break down the different causes of rough teeth.

Eroded Enamel

The enamel is the hard outer covering of our teeth. Their purpose is to make the surface of our teeth feel smooth and even unless tampered with. Enamels are meant to last our entire life just like our teeth, but that’s not always the case – so if you experience rough surfaces on your teeth, it means some parts of your enamel are worn out for various reasons.

The intake of acidic foods and beverages has been established as the biggest factor in eroding the enamel due to the high acidic content that’s left on our teeth. Additionally, using hard bristles during brushing and over-brushing play a significant role in eroding the enamel, resulting in patches of rough edges on the teeth. 

Tooth Decay

Although the effects of tooth decay may take a long time before affecting the tooth’s smoothness and evenness, when severe or left untreated, it causes cavities, which then creates uneven and rough tooth surfaces.

Deposits Of Tartar

Tartar is the deposits left by untreated plaque on the teeth. It’s a very common occurrence for those who practice poor dental care as they fail to brush away food deposits and other sticky films that deposit around and on the teeth. When tartar deposits form on the teeth, they usually result in bumpy and hard surfaces that are easily noticeable due to their brownish or yellowish color. You can feel the roughness of the tartar on your teeth if you roll your tongue over them.

The development of rough teeth is a very normal occurrence to many people, which is why you should never feel intimidated opening up to our dentists. Take the opportunity to book an appointment with Dr. Vlahos where you will meet a team of dedicated staff ready to bring that perfect surface back to your teeth!