Foods and Beverages That Are Known for Staining Teeth

eating candy

Which Ones Stain Your Teeth?

Red Wine: A classic go-to over dinner, but due to this beverage being so pigmented, it can easily leave behind a red or purple stain on your teeth, especially if you drink it often. The acidity of wine is also damaging to your teeth and causes them to absorb more color than they normally would.

Berries: Although very healthy, highly pigmented berries, such as blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries, can leave their mark behind on the surface of your teeth.

Soda: Soft drinks and other sweet carbonated beverages are very acidic and tend to weaken your enamel. When they have a strong pigmentation, like cola, the colors can stick onto the surface of your teeth for a long time.

Coffee: This is a big one. Coffee contains an ingredient called “tannin” which is known for staining your teeth. When enjoying your morning cup of coffee, add some milk. This is a great way to keep your teeth white and give you that extra calcium.

Tea: In general, tea is good for your body, but even light-colored teas, if consumed regularly, can stain your teeth over time.

Soy Sauce: This one is often a surprise to people. After consuming soy sauce during your sushi dinner, rinse your mouth out with water to keep that smile extra bright and those teeth extra white.

Candy: Occasional sweets don’t do much damage, but if you are constantly eating them in your everyday diet, this can weaken your protective enamel and cause serious staining.

eating candy

What Can I Do About Discolored Teeth?

If the long-term consumption of these foods and beverages has left your teeth dull and discolored, the good news is that you can lighten them back to the way they were with professional teeth whitening. In just a one hour-long visit to Dr. Vlahos, you can have your teeth whitened by up to eight shades. First step, Dr. Vlahos isolates your teeth with a dental dam that protects the gums and lips from irritation. Next, a powerful bleaching gel is applied to all your teeth. Our skilled team then shines a special light on your teeth which activates the gel, allowing it to kick in and do its job. That way, you can leave our clinic with an enhanced smile that screams confidence leaving your stained teeth in the past.

To keep your smile as white and as bright as possible, it’s good to be mindful of what you’re eating and how much of a huge difference it can make if you cut back. Aside from that, regular cleaning visits are highly recommended as well. By being aware of some of these foods and beverages, including the services we provide – you can easily reduce future discoloration.