Dr. Vlahos’ Favourite Tools of the Dental Trade

A VERY IMPORTANT PART of dentistry in Dr. Vlahos’ office in St. Catharines is having the right tools for the job. These tools are what make it possible for us to take care of our patients’ teeth, so we wanted to give them some time in the spotlight.

Tried And True Dental Instruments

Dental Scalers-Dental scalers used by our hygienists Jodi and Jana are the best way to keep your teeth clean especially below the gum line. They are highly effective in removing tartar and plaque and give the hygienist a great tactile sense in removing those deposits. Both Jodi and Jana pride themselves on being able to use dental scalers effectively and efficiently.  They can expertly and safely clean your teeth and maintain an overall healthy mouth.

Advances In Dental Equipment

Digital Xrays-Digital xrays offer excellent images of a patients teeth and surrounding jaw bone.  They utilize a fraction of the radiation that film xrays use which makes them much safer for the patient.  The images are instantaneous and of high resolution.  Dr. Vlahos can rapidly use the information to help make a diagnosis.  Also, since the images are digital, there is no need for chemicals to process them and that makes things better for our environment.

Our Doc’s Favorite Tools

Itero Element Digital Scanner – Many patients hate dental impressions.  They are messy, taste awful and makes one gag.  An iTero Element scanner eliminates all of those things by being able to take a digital impression of your teeth.  The scanner takes a video of your mouth and teeth and then makes a 3D representation virtually on a computer.  Dr. Vlahos uses his iTero exclusively for all the Invisalign cases.  Also, it is utilized for crown and nightguard impressions too.  It is much comfortable for the patient and the scans are very quick.  You will be amazed at seeing your teeth on the computer screen!

Eventually, every patient will have a digital scan of their teeth as it will be part of your dental record as valuable as an xray (but with no radiation!)

These Tools Are For You!

All these tools we use in our practice are there to benefit you, our patients. Our top priority is giving your smile the care it needs to stay healthy for life. Make sure you’re scheduling your regular dental appointments so that you can take full advantage of our practice’s tools and expertise!

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!