Your Child’s Teeth and Fluoride

Our municipality of St. Catharines does not add fluoride to our drinking water.  Fluoride can help prevent tooth decay by strengthening dental enamel.  Addition of fluoride to public drinking water can be a good public health measure to prevent tooth decay especially in those segments of our community who maybe prone to tooth decay.  However, there is growing concern over negative implications of fluoridated drinking water.  Personally, as a general dentist in St. Catharines, I believe fluoride exposure should be as directed by a dental professional.  Careful monitoring of your child’s oral health and examination of your family’s lifestyle and diet will dictate how fluoride should be used.  Routine and regular dental check ups are necessary.  Good and thorough oral hygiene at home and a healthy diet will minimize the risk of tooth decay.  These are reinforced at every visit to our office.  Our team of well trained dental professionals can assist you and your child with every aspect of preventive dentistry.